Learn to Sew Your Own Bras

Learn the techniques in sewing your own bras with
Linda Jobson's online bra making tutorials.

Easy Follow Training

Follow along with Linda as she takes you through the steps of making your own bra. Easily pause the videos to complete each step.

The Perfect Fit

Much like a assembling a jigsaw, once you know the process you can repeat it and forever have the perfect fitting bra you love to wear.

Bra Patterns & Kits

The Bra Making Workshop sessions use the Booby Traps bra patterns & kits. Watch the introduction & checklist session before buying a kit.

Online Bra Making Classes​

Linda’s Lingerie online bra making workshop is designed for the experienced sewer who wants to learn the skill of bra making, which essentially is quite easy.  Making your own bra is just like a jigsaw puzzle, putting the pieces together and finishing off the edges.

Bras can be sewn on your normal domestic sewing machine, using a straight stitch, a zigzag stitch, and multiple zigzag stitch.  An overlocker is not necessary.  You will need Ball Point or Stretch Needles, size 90/14 is my recommendation, especially when sewing the elastic.

The Bra Making Workshop is most suited to experienced sewers. This means you should be able to sew a zip into a garment, a waistband, a sleeve, etc.

You will need to purchase a pattern and kit to complete the Bra Making Workshop. I highly recommend buying a bra making kit from Booby Traps in Sydney. You can buy their kits online at www.boobytraps.com.au

bra making workshops

The Bra Making Workshop Series

This series is suitable to experienced sewers wanting to learn to sew their own bras.

advanced bra making tutorials

Advanced Bra Making Tutorials Package of 8

The Advanced Bra Making Tutorials package includes all my advanced bra making tutorials.

Padded Bra Straps

Padded Straps & Fabric Straps: Advanced Tutorial

Learn how to add a padded strap or a pretty fabric strap on to a new or existing bra.

molded cup bra adjustments

Molded Cup Adjustments: Advanced Tutorial

Learn how to adjust your molded cup bra so that it fits better at the neckline and straps.

Front Opening Bra Adjustment

Front Opening Adjustments: Advanced Tutorial

Learn how to change your existing bras into front opening.

Lace Bra Frames

Using Lace in the Bra Frame: Advanced Tutorial

Learn how to use the scalloped lace edge as the front band frame on your bra.

Padded Cups

Padded Cups: Advanced Tutorial

Learn how to make padded cups or add padding into an existing cup.

Replacing Hooks and Eyes

Replacing Backs, Hooks & Eyes: Advanced Tutorial

Learn how to replace the backs on your bras when they get overstretched.

front adjustment for bra straps

Front Adjustment for Straps: Advanced Tutorial

Learn how to add adjustments to your bra strap so it is easier to adjust your straps.

replace bra straps

Replacing Your Bra Straps: Advanced Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to replace the straps and the rings and slides.

Meet Your Trainer
Linda Jobson

Linda Jobson - learn to make bras
Linda Jobson - Bras Specialist

Linda Jobson has been sewing since she was 9 years old. She owned a fabric shop in Sydney, Australia from 1980-1983, where she taught stretch sewing techniques. This became the foundation Linda needed when she was asked to teach bra making classes in Brisbane in 1992. 

She owns Linda’s Lingerie – custom made bras – where she has been making made-to-measure bras for over 20 years and has helped hundreds of ladies with their personal bra challenges.